CNS Journal – Vol. 17, 4 (December 2006)

House Organ
Zionism and Empire
By Joel Kovel

A Farewell
Murray Bookchin, Visionary Social Theorist, Dies at 85
By Brian Tokar

Ecological Modernization and the Gene Revolution: The Case Study of Bt Cotton in India
By Ashok Kumbamu

Symposium: Ecosocialist-Ecofeminist Dialogues
Towards Solidarity: Editor’s Introduction
By Ariel Salleh

Vision and Strategy: Questioning the Subsistence Perspective
By Victor Wallis

Questioning Needs: A Rejoinder to Victor Wallis
By Maria Mies

The Eco-Pre-Fix: Reading “Conservation as Enclosure”
By Robert Chapman

Women, Enclosure, and Accumulation: A Rejoinder to Robert Chapman
By Ana Isla

The Body
Reflections on “The Struggle for the Rebel Body”
By Salvatore Engel-Di Mauro

Capital and the Body: A Rejoinder to Salvatore Engel-Di Mauro
By Silvia Federici

Labor & Class
Socialist Ecology’s Necessary Engagement with Ecofeminism
By Stuart Rosewarne

Gendered, Ethnicized, Class Struggle: A Rejoinder to Stuart Rosewarne
By Terisa Turner and Leigh Brownhill

Ecofeminism in Theory and Praxis
By Jesse Goldstein

Essentialism and the Semantics of Resistance: A Rejoinder to Jesse Goldstein
By Phoebe Godfrey

On the Ecofeminist Editorial: “Moving to an Embodied Materialism”
By Alan Rudy

Embodying the Deepest Contradiction: A Rejoinder to Alan Rudy
By Ariel Salleh

Review Essays
On Sugar, Capitalism, and Socialism
By Richard Levins

Teresa Brennan (1952-2003): A Retrospective
By Samuel Day Fassbinder[/expand]