CNS Journal – Vol. 18, 2 (June 2007)

House Organ
Facing End-time
By Joel Kovel

Climate Justice
Climate Knowledge and Power: Tales of Skeptic Tanks, Weather Gods, and Sagas for Climate (In)justice
By Michael K. Dorsey

Political Economy
The Eco-suicidal Economics of Adam Smith
By Richard A. Smith

Primitive Accumulation from Feudalism to Neoliberalism
By Michael Perelman

Eco-localism: A Constructive Critique
By Robin Hahnel

A Greener Potemkin Village? Corporate Social Responsibility and the Limits of Growth
By Simon Enoch

Toxic Pollution as a Right to Harm Others: Contradictions in Feinberg’s Formulation of the Harm Principle
By Jan Hancock

Ecosocialist-Ecofeminist Dialogues
The Missed Rendevous of Critical Marxism and Ecological Feminism
By Frieder Otto Wolf

F.O. Wolf and TINA
By Claudia von Werlhof

Book Review
Land Then and Now
By Sam Bass Warner, Jr.

Short Takes
Announcing a New Book: Climate Change, Carbon Trading and Civil Society
By Patrick Bond[/expand]