CNS Journal – Vol. 20, 3 (September 2009)

House Organ
The World According to Carlos Slim
By Joel Kovel


The Construction of Mega-Projects and the Reconstruction of the World
By David Barkin

The River Madiera Complex: Socio-environmental Impact in Amazonia and Social Resistance
By Josep Maria Antentas

Eco-Class-Race Struggles in the Peruvian Amazon: An Ecofeminist Perspective
By Ana Isla

Istanbul Declaration Against the Fifth World Water Forum
By The No to the Commercialization of Water Platform

Food for Thought
Preconditions for an Ecological Aesthetic
By R.G. Davis

Corn Eclogue
By Peter Lamborn Wilson

Green Dreams
Eco-Comics, Then and Now
Text by Paul Buhle
Comics by Leonard Rifas, Seth Tobocman, and Sabrina Jones

Real Economy
The Emperor’s Green Clothes: Growth, Decoupling, and Capitalism
By Petter Næss and Karl Georg Høyer

Ripples in Clio’s Pond
Holland Against the Sea
By J. Donald Hughes

Climate and Capitalism
Ecosocialism or Barbarism: There is No Third Way, Humanity in the Capitalist Cul-de-sac
By Daniel Tanuro

Review Essay
The Grocer’s Daughter and Men in Suits: Who Exactly Capitalizes on Catastrophe? And Why the Question Matters
By Ben Wisner

Book Reviews
Global Capitalism, the Ecological Crisis, and the Quest for Environmental Justice, a review of Daniel Faber’s Capitalizing on Environmental Justice: The Polluter-Industrial Complex in the Age of Globalization
By Eric Krieg

Earth and Spirit, a review of Sarah Taylor McFarland’s Green Sisters: A Spiritual Ecology
By Bobbi Patterson

Seeking Common Ground, a review of Peter F. Cannavò’s The Working Landscape: Founding Preservation and the Politics of Place
By Anne Mackin[/expand]