Other sites of interest

  • Ecosocialist Horizons
  • JOEL KOVEL ARCHIVES – Jay’s Leftist And “Progressive” Internet Resources Directory
  • Brazilian Ecosocialist Network – e-mail link to Pedro Ivo Batista (main organizer)
  • Alliance for Green Socialism (AGS) – The AGS promotes genuine democracy, socialism and the environment. We campaign locally, nationally and internationally, including standing in elections, and stand for people and peace instead of exploitation and war.
  • Centre for Civil Society – The Centre for Civil Society was established in the Faculty of Community and Development Disciplines in July 2001. It began with a staff of one but has rapidly expanded and now has a staff of 19. The Centre has a wide range of thriving local, national and international linkages with key organisations and individuals in and concerned with civil society.
  • Center for Political Ecology – Books, resources, some archives and more information
  • – Les questions écologiques ont pris une dimension planétaire. Dans une biosphère aux dimensions finies, nous vivons dans des sociétés du risque majeur. Pour que l’argent produise toujours plus d’argent, et toujours plus vite, terres, cieux, eaux et espèces vivantes ont été sacrifiés à la logique dévorante de la marchandise.
  • – Excellent source
  • Joan Roelofs – Professor Emerita of Political Science, Keene State College, New Hampshire
  • Sam Smith’s Progressive Review – a website and an email newsletter. Sam is a Green, very active in DC.
  • Socialist Project

Alternative Media Links