Capitalism Nature Socialism web version (CNS Web) is a project that intends to expand the aims of the print version of the journal in establishing an online community of red-green activists, who may also be scholars. Like the print form of CNS, CNSWeb encompasses anti-capitalist perspectives that are both egalitarian and environmental in orientation.

CNSWeb is a platform for intellectuals who may be outside or at the margins of academic institutions and it is a forum for encouraging and facilitating critical debates on timely issues of environment and radical politics—feminist, anti-capitalist, anti-fascist, anti-racist, anti-imperialist. We believe that debates are essential to building new forms of thought and strategies on politics and/of the environment, and is ultimately crucial for mobilising creative political action.

CNS is non-sectarian, affiliated with no political party or organised political tendency and open to diverse views within left ecology/ecological left movements. We invite contributions from all over the world, in the form of essays, reports on activist work, artwork, or any other publishable form. While this is a web site, we adhere to high standards of intellectuality.

Publish with us

If you would like to contribute an essay, a short piece, e-report, a review, or artwork for CNSWeb, contact us and describe the work you would like us to consider. We publish pieces that foster and facilitate critical debates on timely issues of environment and radical politics. If the work you propose suits these aims, we will ask you to send us your work so that we can review it and decide whether to publish it.

For contributions aimed at publication in CNS journal, please go to the journal web site.

Guidelines and Policies

We seek essays, shorts, reports, and reviews of productions by any medium (fiction/nonfiction books, films, documentaries, poetry, paintings, photographic art, architecture, newspapers, travel books, radio programmes, etc.). We see artwork as an integral part of making ecological leftist culture. If you have artwork or you plan to create artwork specifically for this website, do contact us to see about sending us your artwork. If you would like to write a report on events and the report publication is time sensitive, notify us at least eight days in advance of the events on which you would like to report. This will allow us to publish the report within 48 hours of the events.

All contributed work must address issues of concern to CNS and we privilege reviews that may not find adequate outlet in other places, especially academic publications. Manuscripts cannot be longer than 2000 words and are licenced under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. We strongly encourage the inclusion of images or photographs generally, but when portraying people who are not widely known, like politicians or celebrities, we expect the blurring of facial or other bodily features that enable identification, especially in cases of reporting on protests or conflict. We similarly will not publish any identifying information that in any way imperils people involved. If any image included is essential to enabling readers’ understanding of the work, please provide a short description of the image so that braille readers may be able to comprehend what is being shown.

Send us manuscripts by contacting us through this web site.