CNS Journal – Vol. 18, 3 (September 2007)

House Organ
The Time Has Come
By Joel Kovel

Notes from a Wandering Minstrel
Pivotal Moment in the Green Scare
By David Rovics

On the Metabolism between Society and Nature in the U.K.
By Pat Devine and Peter Dickens

The Rural-Urban Division in U.K. Politics
By Ted Benton

From Water to Land to Brownfield: the Land-people Relation in the Eastern Thames
By Judith Watson

European Agriculture in the Crucible of the WTO
By Richard Kuper

Whatever Happened to Organic?
Food, Nature and the Market for “Sustainable” Food
By Dan Rigby and Sophie Bown

School Meals in England and the Contradictions of Capital
By Graham Sharp

Review Essay
Katrina: A Racist Disaster
By Jenna M. Loyd

Book Review
Seeds of Democracy
By Michael Mikulak[/expand]