CNS Journal – Vol. 19, 1 (March 2008)

House Organ
By Joel Kovel

Marxism and the Problem of Creating an Environmentally Sustainable Civilization in China
By Arran Gare

Capitalism and Time
Dialectic of Emergency/Emergency of the Dialectic
By Noah De Lissovoy

Human Nature
Preface to a History of Psychology and Torture
By Richard Lichtman

Symposium: The Legacy of Murray Bookchin
Editor’s Introduction
By Joel Kovel

On Bookchin’s Social Ecology and its Contributions to Social Movements
By Brian Tokar

Post Industrial Possibilities and Urban Social Ecologies: Bookchin’s Legacy
By Damian F. White

Domesticating the Dialectic: A Critique of Bookchin’s Neo-Aristotelian Metaphysics
By John Clark

Science at the Crossroads
Evolution: The Public’s Problem, and the Scientists’
By Stuart A. Newman

Ecosocialist-Ecofeminist Dialogues
On Marxism, Socialism, and Ecofeminism: Continuing the Dialogue
By Victor Wallis

On the Birthmarks of the Old Society: A Reflection on the Exchange between Maria Mies and Victor Wallis
By Nicholas Faraclas

Retrieving the Thread
By Victor Wallis

Review Essay
The Shock of the New? Disaster and Dystopia: Naomi Klein’s The Shock Doctrine
By Andy Storey

Book Review
Recyclers Miss the Point
By Maartin de Kadt

Celebrating the Life of Gabriela Ngirmang of Palau (Belau)
By Zohl dé Ishtar[/expand]