CNS Journal – Vol. 21, 2 (June 2010)

House Organ
From the Archeology of the Future
By Joel Kovel

Poetry and War
Dark Satanic Mills: William Blake and the Critique of War
By Joel Kovel

For the Record
Half-truths, Errors and Omissions Propel Current “Nuclear Revival”
By Karen Charman

Science at the Crossroads
The Transhumanism Bubble
By Stuart Newman

Down on the Farm
Biopatents and the Problem/Promise of Genetic Leaks: Farming Canola in Canada
By Thom van Dooren

Technology and Sustainability
Global Agrofuel Crops as Contested Sustainability, Part I: Sustaining What Development?
By Les Levidow and Helena Paul

Notes from the Global South
Ecosocialism and Spirituality
By Frei Betto and Michael Löwy

Another Big Show Soon to Come
By Jen Coleman

Ecofeminist Perspectives
Ecofeminism and the Global Movement of Social Movements
By Terisa E. Turner and Leigh Brownhill

Reclaiming Peoples’ Power in Copenhagen 2009: A Victory for Ecosocialist Ecofeminism
By Wahu Kaara

Time and Space
Capitalism, Time-Space, Environment and Human Well-Being: Envisioning Ecosocialist Temporality and Spaciality
By Peter Freund

Book Reviews
On Scarcity and Abundance, a review of William M. Dugger and James T. Peach’s, Economic Abundance: An Introduction
By Costas Panayotakis

Killing Mountains, a review of Michael Shnayerson’s Coal River
By Joseph Witt

Managing the Earth’s Wild Lands, a review of Nicholas K. Menzies’ Our Forest, Your Ecosystem, Their Timber: Communities, Conservation, and the State in Community-Based Forest Management
By George Vrtis[/expand]