Volume 24, Number 1, 2013

House Organ

Socialism and Settler Colonialism on Great Turtle Island [PDF]

Symposium on Apocalypse

Apocalypse, the Radical Left and the Post-political Condition
Mazen Labban, David Correia & Matt Huber

Apocalypse Now! Fear and Doomsday Pleasures
Erik Swyngedouw

We Have Never been “Post-political”
James McCarthy

Appropriate Technocracies? Green Capitalist Discourses and Post Capitalist Desires
Jesse Goldstein

Apocalypse Meow
Rosemary-Claire Collard

Who’s Afraid of Democracy?
Geoff Mann


Scenarios for 2050
David Schwartzman


Climate Crisis, Carbon Market Failure, and Market Booster Failure: A Reply to Robin Hahnel’s “Desperately Seeking Left Unity on International Climate Policy”
Patrick Bond

Science at the Crossroads

The Demise of the Gene
Stuart A. Newman

Grounds of Struggle

South Africa: Between the Second Transition and a Second Term—A Second Sharpeville
Ashwin Desai

A Global Enclosure: The Geo-Logics of Indian Agro-Investments in Africa
Pádraig Carmody

Humans and Animals

A Historical and Case Study Analysis of the Reasons Why Many Trophy Hunters are Hostile Toward Wolves and Wolf Advocates
Alexander Simon

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FROM “ROOTS & SCATTERS” (third crop)
Linda Russo

Book Reviews

Resolving Problems in an Age of Obstinacy
Richard Plate

Commodifying Creativity
Behrouz Tabrizi